About us

In 2019, we decided to leave the busy city life of Amsterdam, and head for quieter, greener, and more mountainous pastures. 

Our initial plan was to drive through Sweden, and explore the woodlands and find a place we could enjoy.

In early 2020, we set off planning a drive all the way to Swedish Lapland (Norrbotten). So we packed up our bags, ourselves and our 2 dogs, and headed north.

Along the way, we stumbled upon a hidden gem, Västernorrland and the Höga Kusten. Exploring the trails, both by foot and by bike, we decided that we wanted to spend longer here, as there were just too many trails to explore, and too much fun to be had.

Having spent years biking both on road and off, we decided that we wanted to let others experience the same joy we did when biking on the trails of Västernorrland and setup Polar Cloud Bike Tours and Rentals.

Although we've spent a majority of our pedaling years on traditional bikes (sans motor), the introduction of motors to mountain bikes has made mountain biking that much more fun, and more diverse.

So we invite you to come along on one of our guided tours through the area, or if you prefer to explore these on your own, rent one of our Merida eMTB's and do a solo trip.

Not only will you be renting a high quality bike, but we'll even deliver it to your campsite and pick it up when you're done, helmet, and all.

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