Frequently Asked Questions:

*What are "eMTB"s?

An eMTB/Electric Mountain bike is a mountain bike which has an electric motor which assists the rider by providing extra power to increase speed, and make riding a little easier.

*What eMTB's does Polar Cloud rent/tour with?

Polar Cloud uses Merida eMTB's exclusively. We specifically use the Merida e160 500 SE model, which is a fully suspended model which provides the rider with a soft ride, but can also tackle the roughest of terrains with a little bit of practice.

*How do electric mountain bikes work?

An electric mountain bike has a motor in the middle of the bike (in our case) which can provide various levels of assistance based on settings. Up until 25 km/h, when the rider is pedaling, the motor will work to increase the power to the back wheel, resulting in a faster/easier acceleration. This makes climbing up hill a breeze, and means you can enjoy more terrain variability without being left completely winded.

*What is the range of electric mountain bikes?

Merida tells us that our mountain bikes can give you a ride of about 50 km on one charge. This can of course be a little bit longer or a little bit shorter based on how much you use the motors. The motor can be set to a lower assistance mode, in which case the range may be a little bit more, or a higher assistance mode in which case the range may be a little bit less.

*Do I need insurance to rent a bike?

You will need to have health insurance to rent a bike from Polar Cloud. If you are visiting from abroad, we also recommend that you have travel insurance in case anything happens.

*What is included in Polar Cloud tours?

When you go on a tour with us, we will make sure to pick you up from your campsite/hotel in the Höga Kusten (High Coast) area in Västernorrland. We'll have an eMTB with us for you, as well as a helmet. We will make a few of stops during our tour. We will provide you with a small lunch and water along the way, to keep you energized. After we've finished the tour, we'll make sure to drop you back off at your campsite/hotel.

*Where can you ride an electric mountain bike?

If you go on a tour with us, we'll take care of finding the perfect place for you to ride the bike. If you go on your own, we'll give you some tips on how to find good trails and what the rules will be for the area. In general, most bike trails will allow you to ride an eMTB's, except if this is specifically prohibited. You cannot ride an eMTB on the highway (E4) and some parts in the national parks in the area. Before riding in a national park, always be sure to check their website to see what restrictions may apply.

*Do you need to be in good shape to ride an electric mountain bike?

The beauty of an electric mountain bike is that almost everyone can ride it. You do need to have some balance, and be able to ride a normal bike. But you definitely don't need to be a professional athlete to enjoy it. If you are in top shape, an electric mountain bike can take your riding to the next level, and let you cover more terrain.


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